The Serai - Chikmagalur

The resort is a fine example of seamlessly integrating luxury and fecundity of nature each enhancing the other; a unique building typology that makes The Serai a one-of-a-kind, world class resort. The Serai is designed such, it is as if the entire resort emanates from and is aligned to a central flowing water spine, which forms the ‘genus loci’ and unifies the resort. The Serai is an exquisite collage of strong, bold axial lines, a variety of materials and textures, interplay of levels, framing of picturesque views, connecting walkways and lighting harmonious with the exquisite landscape. The minimalist architecture & interiors blend effortlessly with the coffee estate. The central edifice that houses the reception lobby, the restaurant, the bar, the spa and other facilities, towers over an elegant ‘vanishing edge’ pool.

The exclusive pendants in the lobby and porch are of a special paper made of pressed seeds and leaves from the estates. Occupying the pride of place is a fabulous mural inspired by and reflecting the symmetry of nature. The dark hued granite flooring adds a dramatic finishing touch.The cottages themselves are laid out on the flanks of the central flowing water spine. Planned with utmost care, each fitted out with some of the most modern and luxurious amenities, on par with the best there is! The bathing area is a natural extension of the bedroom. Surrounded by greenery, a glass wall blurs the boundary between Nature and the interiors. To enhance the feeling of blending totally with the natural environs, most of the materials used for the interiors are indigenous to the plantations, he highlight of course, the natural rosewood floor. In keeping with our Environment Conservation policy, only dead or fallen trees - 105 of them - collected and processed over a twenty-year period, went into the making of this unique flooring.